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   International Educational Forum


29-31.08.2012, Sofia, hotel Vega


Center for International Research in Education and Culture,
Program „East-East: Partnership beyond borders “,
The Open Society Institute,
The Syndicate of Bulgarian Teachers,
Department for Life-long Education for Teachers,
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski",
Ministry of Education - Czech Republic,
Open Society - Czech Republic
Crisis Counselling Center „Mahena“ – Estonia
Educational initiative, Soros Foundation – Latvia
School Pedagogy Department in Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy –Latvia
Educational Department of the municipality of Jelgava city -  Latvia

Principals of schools, class-teachers, social support agencies, NGOs working with abused and neglected children and other stakeholders interested in the support of children in danger of school dropout from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia.

School dropout refers to quitting school before graduating from primary, secondary or high school. Reasons are varied and may include: lack of resources to go to school, necessity to survive, to find work, to avoid bullying, family emergency, poor grades, depression, bad environment, boredom from lack of lessons relevant to the world of work etc. It is called The Silent Epidemic – because the number of affected students is menacing, increases every year, gains speed but its harmful effect is still not manifested at the full extent of its potential. The consequences of dropping out of school are typically dire. Students who drop out of school are more likely to be unemployed, homeless, receiving hurt, become a target group or contingent of crime. Although there are varieties in the motives for school dropout from country to country, there are some general tendencies in Central and East – European countries that can be delineated.

The main goals of the International Forum “School Dropout: In Search for the Right Approach” are:

a) to identify the set of main circumstances and reasons for school dropout in East and Central Europe
b) to suggest ideas and incentives for a right approach towards this phenomenon
c) to exchange isolated good practices of coping with school dropout
d) to rise the public awareness for the alarming facts;

The forum will be of interest for principals of schools, class-teachers, social support agencies, NGOs working with abused and neglected children and other stakeholders interested in the support of children in danger of school dropout.

Topics we discussed:
(a) What do we know about the reasons for school dropout and how to outline the right approach?
(b) What guidelines for school dropout prevention exist in different countries and how should they be adapted?
(e) Good practices of coping with school dropout
(c) How can positive school climate enhance positive relationships in educational settings and reduce the desire for school dropout?
(d) How NGOs can mediate the beneficial interaction of different social groups that are in the shadow of social life because of different reasons (retired persons and children exposed to the risk of school dropout), but who can be of mutual help.


Dr. Stefania Dimitrova – President of Foundation Madara - Bulgaria

Preventing dropping out from school through socio-pedagogical intervention –
Mgr. Tiina NAARITS-LINN, head of the center Mahena (NGO), Estonia
Maria-Helena NAARITS, psychology and semiotics BA student, Estonia

Building Sustainable Communities: How Schools can contribute –
Aija Tuna, Education Project Expert, Soros Foundation, Latvia

Cooperation model of Jelgava municipality institutions to prevent unjustified pupil`s absence from school – Līvija Vilcāne, Education department, Latvia

Sarmite Joma, Centre for Education Initiatives, Latvia

School dropouts and some aspects of teacher’s professional competence: Latvia experience –
PhD Zenta Anspoka, Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy,  Riga, Latvia

Examples of good practice from the czech republic –
Mgr. Petra Zahradníková, Romodrom for Education, Czech Republic

Sava Dobroplodni Secondary School good achievements, aiming to protect early school leaving – Rumyana Bukovalova, Pedagogical advisor in “Sava Dobroplodni” Secondary School, Bulgaria

Prosociality   theory and prevention of school dropout –
Dr. Todorka Glushkova, head teacher at secondary school ”Hristo Smirnenski”, Bulgaria



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